maanantai 13. syyskuuta 2010

Hello and if youre from some othe country than Finland, please read this. Oh it would be so smashing *english accent*

Ja teille suomalaisille teijän ei tartte lukee tätä.......... But all other please do continue and read.

Hello, this is a different kinda of a blog post today. Its different because Im going to write this all in english. And some of you may ask, why would I do that? Well actually I was reading one of my friends blog and she said that she was surprised because some people from Canada and U.S.A read her blog. And its was really surprising for me too. All the way from there some people read her blog. Amazing. So I thought to myself, "Hmm if someone is reading her blog maybe they've stumbled upon my blog."
So this text is for the foreing readers, supposoly if anyone is reading this.

a Little bit about myself. Im a boy who likes movies, all kinds of movies.
Im now in a school that is called a "Lukio" here in Finland and its more familiar to you if I just say high school :)
I study ,independently, life and its meanings. And I concider myself a pretty filosofic fellow. I am very interested in traveling around the world and Im keen on mythology and culture. Pop culture and the umm the other countries different cultures 8 ). If that made any sense.
What else, what else. Well I like to write this blog and I usually write about wierd random things, religion, culture, movies, music, emos, drugs, sex anything at all!
I live in Finland (duh?) and what else? I have a big penis........ Just kidding. But seriously.. Ladies ;).
And also humor and music are really, really importnant to me. I really would like to become and artist or an comedian... Or an actor. And btw, I dont play any instruments I just sing. Or actually scream. Hardcore music!!
So if there are by any chance any foreing readers. Leave a comment and if youre interested Im will post some english blogs for you guys.
Ps Sorry if I made any spelling mistakes, but please, dont be a grammar nazi!

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  1. kirjota useammin englanniks, näitä on kiva lukee:D
    selasin tätä sun blogia ja katse kiinnittyi sanaan PENIS .______. piti sit lukee koko postaus.=))