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What rhymes with unsystematic poetry?

Tämä on pieni iltasatu kaikille niille jotka sattuivat tällä hetkellä sattumanvaraisesti lukemaan tätä kirjoitustani jonka olen kirjoittanut juuri teitä erityisiä varten, friikkejä.

Tämäniltainen (ja ehkä jopa viimeinen) tarina on nimeltään,
"Klovni joka nauroi liikaa eli kuinka aika tappoi minut"
(kuvat ovat sitä varten että pystytte hahmottamaan tarinan ja tunteet paremmin koska olen laiska enkä jaksa antaa teidän mielikuvituksenne tekevän visualisoimisen puolestanne)

There once was a man, a very happy man. At least it seemed that way.
His name was Milton the Clown. He never seemed to be frown.
Only when someone stepped on his shoes, thats when he always shouted "Whose? Whose bright idea is to walk on someone elses shoes? Here are the news, its no fun and very rude!" Milton said with an attitude.
You see Miltons shoes were very large. They were made to him by a friendly little girl named Marge
Miltons shoes were big just because Miltons legs were very big too!
Im not kidding! They could reach out and touch the moon!

Milton was in a circus. A circus called
"Happy trails, individual thoughts are for gays, these are the days what fall behind, dont worry were not unkind."
Strange name for a circus? It really was a one of a kind circus and an out of this world experience even for a walrus

One day Milton was walking outside and he had forgot his makeup on.
Milton had walked up to bridge and was standing near the edge
Someone shouted out "Look there is a suicidal clown!", "Are you sure?", "Yes no doubt!"
Milton stepped away from the edge.
Everybody thought he was going to jump off the ledge?
What an crazy and awful idea!
(But keep in mind this wasnt the last time that we will see that fridge bridge.
Milton was homeless. The circus was his home. The circus (if you forgot the name it was ""Happy trails, individual thoughts are for gays, these are the days what fall behind, dont worry were not unkind.")
was his home in every sense of the word
One day the friend of Miltons large shoes, Marge, came to visit him. She always visited him in a daily bases
She seemed to be the only one who liked Miltons shoes
but today was different and Milton was feeling the sadness blues
Marge noticed this and came closer to Milton and whispered in his ear
"I want to be a millionare. That is my dream, nothing more I want I wondered could you help out the team?
Lets go on the street and dance with all our heart!"
The idea seemed innocent enough. Milton liked Marge really much and didnt wanna break a little girls heart.
Even though Marge wasnt a little girl. Or a girl at all. Marge was a transsexual confused boy,
who had lost his mind
who had lost his everything
at that point he did want to do anything, to be a millionare

They went out and started to dance. Well Marge danced and Milton played the soundbox
People were interested to see a big shoed clown and a dancing gal!
But one of them was a fellow named Brian. And he was a fineman
He seemed to be
In reality he owned one of the most successful nude bars in this weird town.
He wanted Marge
And what he got was - Marge
One them became a millionare

Theres one thing and one thing only that Milton knows about clowns
When the audience stops laughing out loud, that is when you hit a rock bottom
The guilt was too much for Milton to handle, what a scandal? The one friend sold for money
Yes Milton got the money, but he lost something more too than his friend
His soul
And when a clown has no soul, he has no talent
No talent means no job
No job means no home
No home means no inspiration
No inspiration means no laugh
and what is a clown that cant laugh?
Remember that bridge? Earlier before, the one I accidentally thought was a fridge?
Milton came back
And Milton did fall
And Milton did hit the ground
Milton didnt die
He was paralyzed and his body didnt move, with all his last strenght he got his mouth moving again
And then he laughed, he laughed and cried at the same time
That poor tragic clown, was left under the bridge for a long time
Nobody could hear him laugh
Even after 3 years of him giggling under that bridge

That was the story of Milton the Clown.
No sehän oli aika mukava ja opettavainen tarina eikö niin?
Mukavaa että pistäydyit.
Nähdään taas

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